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Bull's Head mark - ID = Made in Taiwan

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Has anybody actually found out whose makers mark this is?
I have seen a beautiful iridescent vase for sale and it bears this mark.
I have searched and searched but cannot find any information,

Della - from the style and general appearance of the items I have seen bearing this mark, I tend to think they are contemporary.

Here's an interesting ebay auction that shows another perfume, with the mark on it - and it also has COWS HEADS written.


Only cows head mark I can find is naturalistic and for Liddle Henzell & Co, Ouseburn Glass Works, Newcastle c1890-1900. Obviously unrelated to this one.

I suppose it's also interesting to note that COWS HEAD is an approximate translation of RINDSKOPF. Though I don't think there is anything in it to suggest an actual link - it's just an interesting observation.


Thank you Frank and Glen,
The imprint is the same on the piece I have seen, so I think I will give it a miss for now. It has been for sale for a while already.
I still can't find anything to do with Cows Heads, unless I want to buy 2 real cows heads in glass :!:


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