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Scavo ?

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I'm hoping that this is my first Scavo.
Just 4"

Laura Friedman:
Yup. But it might not be Cenedese. Other companies do it as well.

Thank you Laura ...just wanted to confirm as I'm not used to seeing scavo.
Did I mention Cenedese ?  :shock:  :D
Does the Cenedese name have soooo much cachet / kudos ? even in scavo ?  :roll:

Laura Friedman:
Some people assume that any scavo is Cenedese, and some people assume that anyone asking about scavo assumes that they're also thinking Cenedese.  :?

Methinks I'm doing too much assuming.  :roll:

Well, I have to spend the day processing photos to put on my website tomorrow or later today (blatant ad).  So, I'll be even wiggier when my eyes glaze over from staring at the screen too long.

But as to your original question, I'd say that the most highly coveted scavo is that made by Alfredo Barbini for Cenedese, before he went off to start his own company in the 1950s.  


I have two pieces of Seguso that are also in the scavo technique. Both are signed and one even has a good portion of the shield like label. The color of yours is quite nice!


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