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Antica Murrina Venezia Paperweights



Two paperweights

I posted about ‘Antica Murrina Venezia’ in Murano glass. They do jewellery, vases & bowls, animals and lovely paperweights, good quality for the price. This one was about 35 euros, the second one was a few euros and I have posted it to show just what you can pick up abroad (flea market Milan), it is not Italian I am sure!

Antica Paperweight

I bought this paperweight (large and round) in Milan – I am sure it is not Italian

Ref the Antica, I agree with Peter that it is likely a company having items made for them in Venice/Murano as they seem to cover a lot of stuff

Adam P

Antica murrina venezia means "old venetian canes" and is not, as far as I am aware, the name of a Glassworks from Murano.  I noticed that John Simmons in the Paperweight Collectors newsletter wrongly attributed the name of the Glassworks 3 Fiori as 3 Fiori (Antica Murrina Venezia).  The full name of 3 Fiori is Vetreria 3 Fiori.  Certainly not with "antique venetian canes" attached to their name.  It was of course true of what they produced - the most wonderful murrina - and used in their paperweights - which makes it even more of a loss that they have ceased production.


Thanks Jackie


I am constantly being told you are the one to ask about Murano & Italian paperweights. I love your website and was going to send pics of my weights to you but always feel that is an imposition for a dealer. But here you are on GMB which is fantastic; you must have so much knowledge having handled all those Murano/Italian paperweights over the years.

What you say makes sense and you seem to know about this company.

I posted about their Murrines marked AMV in the Murano board, same make as the paperweight. Ivo says about the Murrines: -  

--- Quote ---AMV (brand name of Vittorio Voltolina in Martellago, 6 kms inland from Venice) have been producing glass since the 60s but it was not until the 90s they specialised in Murrinas. And yes, they have become the largest Murrina producer in the world - quite a succesful operation.
--- End quote ---

I take it that the paperweight operation is based at the same factory where the Murrine and jewellery is made, in fact just one or two shops in Milan seems to carry AMV ands some of the large vases are very expensive, I guess as Ivo says it is all made in Martellago. I love the idea that they have been going since 1960s, I would love to get a paperweight from the early period

Have you ever had any in, I wonder how they were marked – I will go and do some research on what Ivo and yourself have said.

Thanks ever so much

Adam P


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