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Borske Sklo 1958 Brussels World Exposition Vase -- up for auction at Fieldings

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Anik R:

My Borske Sklo cased red vase with cut and enamelled design from a range exhibited at the Brussels World Expo in 1958 will be auctioned on October 2 at Fieldings.  The lot number is 624.  See here:

Mark Hill, Robert (bOBA) and Jindrich offered a wealth of information about the vase and possible designers here:,34008.0.html

Please get the word out -- you may know someone who knows someone who knows someone who might be interested in acquiring this very special vase for their collection.

Thank you  ;D   

Hello Anik,
       Just a few miles from me,if I win the lottery :24: then I'll be putting in a bid ;D

Good luck, Anik!  :X:  :ghug:  :sun:

Anik R:
Thank you for the kind words!

And Keith, I do hope you win within the next week.  ;D

Fingers crossed :X:  it does well for you Anik. :kissy:


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