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John Barrable

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       I am trying to find any information about John Barrable, glassmaker, having searched the web, and only found one piece  [1985], sold by Batemans auctioneers earlier this year, otherwise drawn a blank.  I have just purchase one of his vases.
   Look forward to any replies,     J.

No photos?  :cry:


It might be worth contacting Rufford Gallery, where the piece sold by Bateman's was bought in 1985. They may be able to tell you more about him. Do let us know what you find out please.

  Hi, contacted Rufford Gallery, & Notts. County Council, but no joy.   Picture encl.  background is like polished mahogany, & difficult to show, believe it may be from late 70s to early eighties.        J.


Hmmm that's strange - I suppose there's no-one around who remembers, and they either  don't have or can't be bothered to look up their records of past exhibitions.  Adam A might know though, he should be back from his current show at the weekend so we'll see then. Keep your fingers crossed.  :X:


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