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Can anyone please provide more info on this Murano piece?

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Hello all

I'm new to the boards so please be gentle with me  :wink:

I've listed a piece on ebay having been told that it is possibly Cedanese and almost certainly from the 1960s

the listing is here :)

I would very much appreciate any further help or information

thank you

Louise :)

edited to add..

it has 2 polished bases so it can be displayed upright or on one side

there are numerous very tiny, shallow scratches around the edges of the bases which is I think what you would expect of 60s glass, other than that not marks, damage, labels or signatures

I have posted a thread about this item with a link to the ebay listing in the Glass Market Place forum

Probably by Nason: see thread about these clamform dishes here,2728.0.html


--- Quote from: Ivo ---Probably by Nason: see thread about these clamform dishes here,2728.0.html
--- End quote ---

thank you Ivo

very much appreciated

Louise :)

Laura Friedman:
I've had these clamform bowls with Cenedese labels. The one in the thread Ivo linked to was made with gold dust, which I have not seen from Cenedese. I still think that this blue/green form is more Cenedese than Nason, but in the end it won't make any difference in terms of value.


Thank Laura
I have revised my listing to take your observations into account
Much appreciated :)


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