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Just listed an early Mdina bottle on ebay, they don't appear every day so I'm giving it this extra nudge:


Rats just when I thought is was safe to go on eBay again!! Any way John I now have it on my watchlist- how much for postage to Australia?? regards Carol

Like the ebay name John  :24:(and the bottle)

I chose the name because it made me ;D too. The river Taff is a couple of hundred yards away, twice in the past fifty years it has flooded the ground floor and cellars here. :cry:

The cost of postage for the bottle is high, the packaging weighs almost twice as much as the bottle and it all weighs over 3kg. It's a big box and there is loads and loads of bubble.... Postage to Australia would be, sit down for this, eighty quid, same for New Zealand.


 :cry: Many thanks John- O.K. I can breathe easy- the bottle is not for me- the postage is even worse than from here (Aust) to New Zealand. Many thanks Carol


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