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Thanks David, have done that. :thup:

Project completion date: 2100...??? :24:


A link to the appropriate folder would be helpful.   Also if this topic could be parked/locked at the top of this board it will raise the awareness of this project.

Are there rules?  What about lozenges vs numbers?


Both are welcome Sid, thanks for asking. And yes, stickying would be a good idea.  :thup:

No rules really Sid, just common sense: an image of the item showing the whole thing, and any other pics relating to the piece, e.g. if you can get a shot of the number or lozenge that'd be good.

Pics taken against a plain background without clutter preferably, so the shape, pattern, style are clearly visible.

All should be titled RD followed by a space then the number, unless it's unreadable, in which case please state it as U/R for unreadable.

Nice and simple methinks.

Maximum sizes on GlassGallery are 200kb file size and 1024 x 1024 maximum dimensions.

I should also mention that GlassGallery is a separate registration process to the GMB as it's held on a separate physical server for performance reasons. Registrations are manually activated as we get a *lot* of people trying to sign up to post errmmmm ... shall we say, pics we don't really want and which have no connection to glass! I check the new users several times a day and activate them, but if you don't get activated or have a problem with registering / logging in etc. please give me a nudge here or by email.

For anyone unfamiliar with how GG works there is a walk through page with easy to follow picture steps here:
and a link which emails me from there if you need help too:
and finally the FAQ's which fill in bits not covered elsewhere:

Anything else you need to know please just ask.   :sun:

this project sounds fantastic!

I have just posted some regd design bottle pictures on unidentified - the pictures are on my flickr photostream and I would be pleased to let them be used for the database - thanks - Eleanor

Eleanor, thank you, that's very kind of you. I'll go have a browse through your photostream asap and see if I recognise any of your mysteries.


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