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Please see stgeorgio.2007 on ebay .ta :kissy:

Hi Johnphillip-your small vase, the small lavender one is signed O & M Hoglund probably from the same period when they were at the Richmond Craft Center in Richmond with a couple of workers (IMHO their best period for artistic glass production 1986-95)-they then moved to Lansdown Road, Richmond and expanded from there with more chairs and gaffers. They used to have a free viewing area to watch the  making of their glass items and also in another building where Marie and other engravers worked. Times changed and they enclosed all areas and charged for a viewing tour also to go to the coffee shop. They have reduced their charges recently and closed the coffee shop. Just some trivia to while away the late afternoon here in WA. regards Carol

Thanks Carol i hope to come over to NZ now i have a son in law from there,  Regards  Brindins Did in law see i have already picked up the  ixint .jp  :ooh:


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