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Rueven Glass ??


 :hi: I bought this.  It is kinda pretty.  Has a label on it that says:

Hand Painted Rueven Glass
By Nouveau Art Glass Company Canada Inc
Anything ok about it?  Still hunting the net looking for Info........seems like there is different spelling from Rueven Glass------>Rueven or Reuven*  ???  I am going by the label, but on the Net it comes up with both names....??

Any idea of age, or quite new?

Thanks   :kissy:

Mike explains the variant spelling here Rose:,3588.msg27876.html#msg27876

That whole topic pretty much sums up everything we know about them and Ilanit glass decorators from Israel whose work this probably is.  I saw some Ilanit glass at a show within the last 10 years that were being sold new by a UK reseller.


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