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fake sig Venini

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So crudely faked  you cannot even decypher the middle line which is supposed to read "murano".

I suspect that the signature has poorly photographed, but i was clearly able to read the word murano. Look at the base, loads of wear, i reckon at the very least it has age. I would say it's real but why not ask for the providence if your unsure. Ian

hi Ian

it's 100% fake, looks to be done with acid etching cream put on with a brush

it is the shape of the stencil which is unconvincing. Lettering may be smeared sometimes - as happens with a rubber stamp -  but the font on this one just deviates too much. Never mind the wear.
Maybe we're just highly suspicious because these mosaic vases are a faker's favourite and start to bark at the slightest hint of  irregularity. And as bidding runs high, maybe the bidders have different (read: more accurate or up to date)  information.... but I vote WRONG.


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