Author Topic: Art Deco amber Mueller glass huge lamp bowl and lady for a swap?  (Read 2069 times)

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I have this amber Mueller lamp bowl set comprising of bowl lamp base,separate frog disc and lady figure.Under the bowl is a brass gallery fitting ready for a light to be fixed into it.Available as a swap for Walther glass items I am looking for.Please feel free to ask for a list and I will tell you what I am looking for.Please only ask if you do have anything of interest as I have sent many emails to people when they ask for detaills and I don't even get a reply! Even a "sorry I don't have anything on your list" would be nice to get back rather than nothing at all.
Thanks members!
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Re: Art Deco amber Mueller glass huge lamp bowl and lady for a swap?
« Reply #1 on: October 08, 2010, 03:02:33 PM »
I am 'new' to art and have started a small collection of glass pieces which is presently estimated at a value of 'cost' about 20,000 pounds and revalued at around £22,000 maybe more if I try to sell - however - I hope to expand the collection and grow it - so am interested in anything other people have that they might part with and would like to also see your list of things you have for 'sale' or swap ( I will sure tell you if nothing is of interest ). I am hoping to acquire a small exhibition venue on the Edgware Road in London and once I have this , will wire it up so all the pieces may be viewed over the internet as well as to collectors who 'walk' in  Ali Mohammed :ra:



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