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Deco unusual miners/ice men centrepiece bowl for a swap?

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Hi everyone I have this rare and unusual Art Deco glass centrepiece bowl decorated with miners picking through icy caverns.The central insert also has miners.
I am wanting a swap for Walther pieces I am currently looking to add to my collection.
I am happy to provide a list of my wants for anyone who is interested.feel free to get in touch.
Best wishes Nige

Hi again
I will be listing this set and am open to offers as I will put it on a buy it now.
Best wishes Nige

Hi Nigel

I saw this piece in opalescent at a glass fair today. Unfortunately it's not for sale :(

Do you still have this set in your collection?


Hi Dylan
I knew they had made this in opalescent as I had seen it on an auction site in the US a couple of years ago but it had sold.
No I sold mine a while ago.
I always wondered as it was opalescent if it was made by either Reich or Inwald.
Was the set you saw in 2 or 3 pieces?
A friend of mine has it in frosted amber as a 3 piece set.
I would love in opalescent!
Best wishes Nige

Hi there. It was a 3 piece set. The bowl, the centrepiece and a normal flower frog sitting inside the centrepiece. The colour looks very similar to the angel bowl made by Reich.

I've been told by a trader that there was a cloud glass version of the polar bear (owned by a collector here in South Australia), therefore I do believe the polar bear is also made by Reich as not many glass maker made cloud glass as well as opalescent.

I will post a photo of the centrepiece on my facebook page (group) just in case you're interested.

Cheers and have a good weekend


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