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Author Topic: Square shaped heavy TUMBLER with lady etched on one side  (Read 4262 times)

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Re: Square shaped heavy TUMBLER with lady etched on one side
« Reply #20 on: November 05, 2010, 05:14:30 PM »
to Cathy B'

Thank you for your help in this matter,  hope the sun still shines on you :kissy:

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Re: Square shaped heavy TUMBLER with lady etched on one side
« Reply #21 on: November 06, 2010, 07:25:02 AM »
In case you missed it in the link I gave you here is a useful table for Orrefors glass m- not absolutely complete but a good start:-

Art glass produced in a single, unique piece. Signed by the artist.

(Until 30th June, 1998, stood for Épreuve d'Artiste.) Art glass objects made in very short runs comprising a maximum of five pieces. Signed by the artist.

Orrefors Gallery collections are produced in limited runs of between 15 and 60 pieces. Signed by the artists. Several Orrefors artists are normally represented in each Gallery collection.

A new art glass category introduced on 1st July, 1998. Runs are as for Gallery, i.e. between 15 and 60 pieces, but do not form part of a collection.

Art glass made in a predetermined run of at least 100 pieces.
The following two tables show the meaning of the lettering in Orrefors numbers:
Initial   Designer   Initial   Designer   Initial   Designer
A   Olle Alberius   H   Edward Hald   P   Sven Palmqvist
B   Gunnar Cyrén   J   Jan Johansson   R   Carl Fagerlund
D   Ingeborg Lundin   K   Henning Koppel   S   John Selbing
F   (Karl) Edvin Öhrström   L   Vicke Lindstrand   T   Lars Hellsten
G   Simon Gate   N   Nils Landberg   V   Eva Englund
(NB: From 1980, two initials have been used, e.g.: NL = Nils Landberg, BB = Gunnar Cyrén)
Glass types
Initial followed by letter A for cut glass
Initial followed by letter E for frosted glass
Initial followed by letter U for uncut, smooth glass
Initial followed by letter Z for green iridescent glass
Initial followed by Graal-S or S-Graal for Slip-Graal


So that means you have an Edward Hald piece  - Of HA etc.

and a Nils Landgerg piece Of N**** etc..

Ivo's little book indicates both were designed in 1937.

I bamle all snileplg eorrrs on the Cpomuter Kyes.  They confuse my fingers !!!


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