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Help required with valuation of a couple of paperweights

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Hi everyone, this is my first post.

I've been given a couple of paperweights to sell for charity and I was hoping you might be able to help me find out what sort of price I can expect to get for them.

They're both in, what is as far as I can tell, their original box and have a certificate.

The first is a Caithness Glass paperweight, called Sunflare, designed by Colin Terris and is edition number 601 of 3000.

The second is by Perthshire Paperweights LTD. The certificate says "This weight is one of a limited issue containing a series of complex millifiori canes which enclose a cruciform design. This edition will consist of 350 pieces only with the 1978 date. Certificate no 112"

I'd be grateful for any advice you can give me about the value of these paperweights.

For Caithness there is the "Charlton Catalogue" by Colin Terris, published in 2004, giving original prices and a guesstimate of the value in 2004.
Of Sunflare actually only 1387 were made (not the planned 3000) - sold in 1978 for £ 27 and estimated in 2004 at £ 55; these estimates have to be considered to be a bit optimistic, however, in the days of ebay. A rule of thumb for limited modern (abstract) designs could be 50%., i.e. close to the original price.

Perthshire is more tricky - no similar compilation. From your description I would assume it to be either PP33, PP34 or PP35: an image would be helpful! Unfortunately I don't have the 1978 catalogue/prices - but PP35 was still available in 1980 and was sold for £ 54. Perthshire weights usually do relatively better than Caithness nowadays. PP33...35 have usually fetched between £ 150 and £ 250, exceptions slightly over £ 300 on ebay during the last couple of years.

TALKING OF PERTHSHIRE CATALOGUES: Does anyone out there own Perthshire catalogues (with or without price lists) pre 1980? If you do, I would appreciate to hear from you for Scotland's Glass.


Thanks for replying so quickly, I've uploaded a photo of the Perthshire Paperweight.

If this affects the estimate you'd given could you please let me know? Also, can anyone now tell me which model this paperweight is? Is model the right word?

It's a PP34 design (I'd rather use 'design' instead of 'model').
The price will not be much affected as all 3 weights I had mentioned were the same size and similar complexity - just reduces the number of auctions in my notes to 3 - resulting in a price between £150 and £ 240.

To come back to your Caithness weight - there is also an online price guide with two entries for Sunflare - selling on ebay for £ 40 and £ 14 respectively - on average £ 27 - see my guesstimate  ;D. The 'problem' with ebay being that you always need two potential buyers being really interested in the weight you are selling to get a good price.

Thanks so much  :hiclp:

I've now listed them both on ebay now, hope I've got all the details right!


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