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Cross shaped vase ID = des'r Bodil Kjaer for Orskov made by Gullaskruf

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Hi, this is another vase which i think someone will recognise. Mould blown in an indigo colour, 11.5cm tall and has the remains of an unreadable oval label with silver foil on it, thank you, Wolfie

Hi, the lady I bought this off said it was purchase in Denmark, so maybe Scandi? Thanks for any help, Wolfie

Reminds me of the original vases made by Iittala Alvar Aalto.........maybe its a more contemporary inspiration on those.

Seen them about, no great quality, poorly finished, sorry but no idea either. :-[


Hi, i would say it has reasonably well finished. The top has been ground flat and nicely polished then the edges are bevelled, certainly on par with mould blown Whitefriars stuff from the 70s, coffins etc (which isn't brilliant I admit!). The foil label also is similar to Scandi stuff from that period, shame there is nothing on it! There is a fair bit of natural wear to the base and for something that is quite light suggests it has been around for a bit? My feeling is that it 70s but I may be wrong. Thx for your replies.


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