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Cross shaped vase ID = des'r Bodil Kjaer for Orskov made by Gullaskruf

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You assume a lot about finish and quality. Take care, do not jump to conclusions or assumptions. There is a huge big world out there....

How frustrating - I've seen these before, but can't track them down in my references. I think they're by one of the 'lesser' Danish or Swedish glassworks, although I really can't remember which one.

Hi, i was just wondering if anybody had any more ideas about this one?

Does this look like it Wolfie....there is a label as well....Torben Ostrov....Danish Glass....have a look, it just might be.  :X:

These have been on here before, but can I find any in Search?  Nope!  I think they're also been on  I can remember seeing one in tangerine before.  I'm sure I've seen one identified somewhere but not sure whether it was in a book or not.  Sorry...this isn't really adding anything. 


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