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Hi Czech glass friends,
finaly I have finished it and Frantisek Vizner did confirmed it. Take a look at

If you will find useful to support me and my Czechoslovakian glass web site, please bid on it.
Thank you


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marie anne:
Congratulations on completing this work.  I've been looking forward to reading it.

Anik R:
I got my copy of the Vizner resource databases yesterday -- I highly recommend it to anyone interested in Vizner's works and/or Czech glass.  For the majority of the pieces, Jindrich's databases offer multiple photographs, taken in different light and from different angles.  This is not only extremely helpful in helping collectors identify their glass, but it allows us to appreciate the individual beauty of each piece.  Also, the databases are very easy to use, even for a technically/technologically challenged person like myself.

A great and worthwhile buy.

Just a short add: It´s great to see drawings of Mr. Vizner´s designs, too.  :thup:


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