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Benny Motzfeldt PLUS glass vase on eBay

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marie anne:
I've recently listed the vase shown below on eBay; item number 170563418436

There are more photos with the listing.
Thanks for looking.

Hi Marie, great result on your vase listing! Well done. :)  As your vase has such a super clear mark for PLUS glass, could we save a copy of the mark photo to our glass labels reference album on GlassGallery please?

marie anne:
Hi Anne,
Thank you :) . I was very pleased with the listing and the buyer was very happy with the vase.  You are welcome to save a copy of the mark.  I'm happy to contribute.  Is the file size good enough or do you need a higher resolution image for the GlassGallery? 

I can lift the one from the listing, that'll be fine, thank you Marie. :hiclp:

It's lovely to see your clear mark as the one on my wee bottle vase looks like it was done with the stubby end of a blunt stick - nowhere near as clear as yours.   :mrgreen:

marie anne:
Glad to be of help.
Happy New Year!


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