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Is this a Bohemian or Murano knobbly? ID = Hineri, Japan

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Just got this Ebay mail. Meyross is my other handle for Ebay

"Dear meyross,
no problem I only know as it has sticker on it ot that much of an expert sorry michael.
From: eBay Member: meyross <email address removed per policy>
Sent: Monday, May 21, 2012 12:19 PM
To: <email address removed per policy>
Subject: RE: Other: meyross sent a message about retro eames deco hineri glass japan huge amethyst glass rippled vase #350567201365

Dear clarice1200,
I decided to make a bid as it looks like it might be what is called neodymium glass and if so I collect that.   
A small request ? I belong to a glass group that runs a sort of blog where we ask others to help us identify glassware we are unable to attribute correctly.  When we are able to do so, and your pictures have enabled me to solve my mystery, we try to put up photos of the object to show why we are now certain of our attribution.  I am hoping you would give permission for your photos to be added to our archive in case I do not win the piece in the long run.

As you can see he is happy to have the images Attached used.


Stunning piece ahremck and definitely one the better pieces produced by Hineri Glass. Your a lucky person if you win. As much as I like it I won't bid on it. If you get it for under $50 it would be a bargain IMO. What is the weight on the piece?

Not sure Kane but I suspect around a kilo.  Mine is packed away at present.


I have just put up a vase on Trade Me with a more intact Hineri label- for your perusal.
regards From a lovely and sunny Napier.


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