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Painted crackle glass pitcher

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I think it's pictured in one of the Moser books. I have a nearly identical one in cranberry with a different bird on either side.

Note how the handle gets bigger before it's attched to the body at the top. It's the same on yours, mine and the one in the book.

Edit to add: I was referring to the blue one.

Think it's worth enough to consign it?

It's identified as Moser at this site. In fact it's the exact same picture you posted.

Karen can we see a photo of yours?

Thanks for the responses.  The picture I posted is one I copied from another site.  In the link RH sent I see that it's identified as being only 5 1/2" tall.  Mine is a regular size pitcher.  I don't have a functional digital camera, but the painting is exactly the same as the blue one, only the color is the same as the straight sided one.


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