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Stuart Crystal 1917-1921 notebook of patterns

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Thanks for posting Paul! I only just noticed this item. Thanks for taking the trouble to take a look at the notebook. I understand that Waterford Crystal currently own a lot of pattern books for Stuart Crystal, but this is not really my knowledge area. I am impressed however to see a drawing from this book come to life in glass, fascinating. Thanks for posting your example. There is a magnify option for closer inspection of the text but much of the text is scruffily written as a private document really. On the page featuring your piece, I notice that 6/11and a half inch, 9 hours. Mr Corfield was a kind of foreman cutter and he was measuring how many hours it took to cut 6 of these at that size, so I am under the impression each one took over an hour to cut. Also that the number of cuts in the star on the base, is specified as 24 in the book, which yours has. Thanks again for posting, seeing the rough drawing (understood by the cutter) turn into glass is very impressive!

Robert (bOBA)

I am much too late to be able to access the link so i was wondering if this included the pattern Villiers Cut?

I can't see it but we do have an earlier topic about the Villiers design here:,49957.0.html


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