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id for possible Walsh Pompeian glass.

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Paul S.:
I don't have much success with finding the real thing, and tend to steer clear of the odd piece thinking it's probably Chinese anyway  - but took a punt on this one for the following reasons...........
up close it has wear in suitable places.......has ground/polished concave pontil mark.....the underside of foot has very clear 'wear ring' typical of 1930 - 1940 period.......has a feint but noticable iridescence over the whole outer surface......quite a reasonable 'ding' when struck...........only cost me £7. Sterling, which wouldn't be the end of the world if I've got it wrong.     About 135mm/5.25 inches high.        So now I hope Ivo doesn't say it was made in Cairo last year, and fingers crossed I might have it right this time

Not an expert but think you may have struck gold there Paul,hope so :hiclp: :thup: ;D,very like the one's in the book.

Paul S.:
thanks Keith - I'd give you a kiss if you were nearby, sailor - you definitely now get the 'blue coach' pin tray.   I've only got back home this evening, so haven't had a chance to look at books   -   which one/s are you referring to?    But anyway, assuming you are right, then I'm chuffed. :)

I'd settle for a handshake :wsh: it's 'The Glass of John Walsh Walsh' by Eric Reynolds. ;D

Paul S.:
uhmmmm  -  just my's not one of my 52.5 books.......oh well, another one to buy I guess.   thanks again Keith :)


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