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id for possible Walsh Pompeian glass.

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It's the iridescence and sludge green that put's me off Paul's. We need a pic of yours Mel

hi paul

thanks for the offer re the book, much appreciated and the link to the g/fruit dish, lovely!

re: radiation levels, was  just checking out some of my glass and comparing the meerkats so to speak.

background radiation in my lounge is 11 mcR/h. the bubbly piece in question measured 16 so only a slight increase but a sowerby water glass patt no. 2481 registered 56 and a jobling jade candlestick from the 12500 dts was 163  ;D

I expect its either pseudo roman or mexican! but its an absolute doppelganger for yours.

Christine, will add a few pics, either here if Paul doesnt object to me hijacking his thread or on the main board?

cheers, Mel


Paul S.:
wow - you sound one very techno lady Mel...........I just look at the stuff ;D              No objection at all if you want to add something of a similar nature to this thread, and look forward to seeing pix. :)

haha no, not techno - cant even master the pic resizing here, just curious by nature  ;)

pics to follow, thanks Paul

 ::),did say I'm no expert,it still looks ok to me re the pictures in the book,where's Bernard when we need him,although Christine does tend to be right and as for me well ::) ;D ;D ;D


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