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id for possible Walsh Pompeian glass.

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flying free:
so yours is different glass I think then?  it's slightly thicker, slightly bigger than mine, but also slightly lighter.

However, that bit between the foot and the bowl is the same I'm sure.  And I think our amber ones would be heavier because they have the internal decoration and are then cased again.
I have two Daum bowls exactly the same size and look to be the same decor, but one has two casings of different colours the other only has one colour and no contrasting colour.  The difference in weight between them is very noticeable in one being much heavier than the other.

seems to have been a long day already, have just spent ages in the snow chasing son's escaped ferret around the garden grr

anyway, back to the glass.

my bowl is 21.5 cm diameter across the bowl so slightly bigger than your one and lighter, no not cased but similar shape although I think there is a more defined flare at the rim with mine

The ring between the bowl and foot on both does look similar -can it potentially be used as an identification marker?

have you got ny picsof your daums uploaded here for a quick 'compare and contrast' please?

so much glass, so little time, thanks m ;D

flying free:
no pics of the Daum bowls sorry. 
I was only using those as an example of how weights can vary depending on casing though anyway.
It just happens that I have two the same size and same maker and decor, but because one has the extra colour layer in it is affects the weight if yswim?

The colour is definitely wrong, as is the iridescence. It's also way too bubbly. My wild guess would be Stephens and Williams/Royal Brierley or whoever made the speckly/bubbly/crackly mugs we've never ID'd

oh dear, wrong colour, wrong iridescence and too many bubbles! pretty damning then.

 I could live with Stevens & Williams lol.

Looks like its back on the 'what is it shelf' for now.

Thanks for all the opinions



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