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id for possible Walsh Pompeian glass.

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sorry to dredge up an old thread but did you get anywhere with a confirmation on this one Paul?

Paul S.:
sorry to say I didn't progress it any further - but in my own mind had come to the conclusion that it was 'Pompeian' - so rather let the matter drop, and since I now can't find the piece I may well have parted with it, so will never know for certain.         I tended to take Keith's word for it - him being such an expert and all that ;D.
I did get rather keen on this bubbly stuff, but now seem to have only one blue piece left about which I'm not too sure  -  although I've a few pieces of non-bubbly that are backstamped with the factory name so problem there  -  I have a fantastic little blue bubbly grapefruit dish with a backstamp that rings like a bell.        Are you really good at knowing your Walsh from your Wash? ;)               I do now have Reynolds book, which is very useful and which I'd recommend. :)

hi paul thanks for the update.

nope, never handled a  piece  of pompeian before, newly acquired along with a bubbly purple footed bowl with overturned rim lol.

have ordered the reynolds book. this one does glow under uv but very sludgy green, more manganese than uranium and only slightly elevated radiation level (against background) and am still looking for the elusive mark!

would love to see  pic of the grapefruit dish if you have one on file


My gut says this isn't Pompeian.

Paul S.:
well, that's the last time I speak to Keith ;D           Is it possible for Lustrousstone be a little more specific please ;)        This one didn't glow, but Walsh did produce green examples with a uranium content  -  I have the same little green violet vase as Christine (an example is showing somewhere on the her gallery - and from memory I think they both have the earlier form of backstamp).         There seems to be a frequent assumption by sellers that anything like this with bubbles has to be Walsh, and the price goes up accordingly, but I've now stopped trying to collect them, although would buy a Walsh piece if it was cut glass.           I do have a tallish bubbled blue vase that lacks a ground/polished pontil depression - has simply a flatish base with much wear - this also is shown in the link provide, below.

Purple sounds o.k. Mel, although not so sure about the folded rim.              I get the impression that the Walsh backstamp appears less often on the large coloured bubbled pieces than on clear/cut glass  -  but even then it can be the devil to see  -  often very feint and not always the entire word appearing.
Of course, it might be that all of Walsh's bubbled green contains uranium, which is why Lustrousstone is doubtful of this piece  -  but that is just my personal thought.
If you're getting a manganese glow (a dull greyish green) then presumably there won't be any uranium at all, so can you explain to a thicky please Mel what you mean by "elevated radiation level" ;D

see here for a link to my bubbled blue grapefruit dish...,48144.msg271244.html#msg271244
which as you will see does have the backstamp.

I've seen a lot of bubbly glass over the past few years, but I think you need to handle a lot of material to feel sure about what you are buying as several factories produced similar products - I don't think I'd be very certain about most of them - but they are attractive, and probably make a good display.

If you need any information on Walsh pieces prior to the arrival of your book, do give me a shout. :)


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