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A recent Brockwitz Discovery


Just discovered (in Argentina) a Brockwitz pattern that I have not seen "in the flesh" before. This lovely butter dish is in marigold Carnival Glass.

Has anyone else seen the pattern at all?


I have to admit that I have never been a fan of marigold carnival glass.  But the strong geometric lines of most European carnival glass is much more attractive in marigold than American carnival glass (at least to me).  This is butter dish is a wonderful example of that.

Glen, what a beauty!

I've got it in clear white - unfortunately no lid  :(
no other items, shapes in this pattern ever seen

Pamela - many thanks for your kind comment. Many thanks, too, for confirming that you haven't seen the pattern in any other shape.

Connie - thanks again.

Handing New Year ice creams all round


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