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Not an IOW item - signed "2001 BM". ID = IOW for British Museum!

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I strongly suspect that this Pwt is IOW - but not certain.  If it is I think it may be "Azurene".  Can someone more knowledgeable confirm or dispute my assumptions please.


I do think it's Isle of Wight Studio Glass, but not Azurene.
Azurene is a coloured glass base with finely broken up silver and gold foil on the surface. This has the glad foil background, but iridescent ribbons of glass over it.  
Azurene has been produced since '78, I think this is from a range with a much shorter life span - and it's a bit more sophisticated than Azurene. I'm not up on pws, often designs can look very different on them from other items. However, I suspect this could be Golden Peacock. This was produced between '82 and '04, and is a very highly desirable range.

Or it might be "British Museum", a scarce and desirable beast..  but it's very hard to tell from your pic, I'm afraid. I can't see the whole pattern, I can't make out details.

I will try to take some side on photos and some close-ups to better show its features.


Is that a signature on the base?


 :pb: How embarrassing!!  Well spotted John.  Those must be old photos which I simply sized and submitted without actually LOOKING at the paperweight.

The base reads "© 2001 BM" so this must be one of the "scarce & desirable beast" that Chopin-liszt was referring to.  Lucky Me!!!!!!   :chky:

Thanks to you all for your help.  will still put up photos if I can put my hands on it today.



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