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Not an IOW item - signed "2001 BM". ID = IOW for British Museum!

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We have all missed a signature or two I am sure (in my case several). :nogos:

Definitely not azurene and I suspect not even IoW, which does not help much. :spls:


The problem with it being British Museum is I don't believe it has gold foil in it - which this has.
An image of the pattern in focus, and from the side would help.
Or you could put it on the IoWSG forum, or write directly to the Studio.
It also might be a variation on one of the Ribbons, Lace, Satin and Silk range.

It's so much easier to tell on things not paperweights. (I have litttle or no interest in pws).

I also tend to focus more on earlier work from the studio. (or Tim's "specials")

  :-[   Well, John you have hit the nail on the head.  I finally did what I ought to have done first - I emailled IOW Glass.

It is definitely not IOW.  The "metallic" appearance is not what they have done - and the label remnant is definitely the wrong shape.  At least the 3 other pwts I enquired about from them are all Azurene - so I guess win some, lose some, applies.

I have also emailled the British Museum - no response yet - to see if it was sold through them c. 2001.

Thanks for all responses so far - the search for an identity continues.

By the way Sue, I finally found pictures of IOW "British Museum" - wow would I like one of those.  I know what you mean - I have consciously tried to specialise in collecting Autralian art glass.  IOW is about as far from here as it is possible to go.


Hi Ross,

I hadn't seen the picture of the signature when you contacted me privately. As I said to you, the PW didn't strike me as IOW and now that is confirmed. Concerning the British Museum possibility, I have dug out two pieces designed by IOW for the British Museum (a bowl and a perfume bottle) and they are both signed "© 1997 THE BRITISH MUSEUM" (in capitals like this). I don't know if this is indicative of what they normally put on commissioned glass pieces. It would be interesting to see what the museum say in reply to you. But in the UK the museum is often called simply the BM, especially in scientific circles that I operate in. The museum could simply have abbreviated the name to BM since there is less space on the bottom of the typical paperweight. On the other hand there could be a glass artist with initials BM that is lurking out there somewhere!


I thought of the possibility of an artist - but it seemed to me unlikely they would copyright it, whereas the British Museum most likely would.



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