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Some new Murano weights with beautiful aventurine

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Three new paperweight buys

1) 2.8” diam, 2” high – ground and polished base (unseen by me before, has an outer circular ridge, a round circular foot and a central convex area) – very good quality with fantastic colours, I love the aventurine base that sparkles out of the wide casing and  melds into a beautiful translucent blue that holds the canes. The convex base section is clear; it acts like a window to the insides showing the aventurine distribution and placement of all the canes. The central rose is a quite lovely, and can be seen scattered in miniature in number 3.
Number 1

2) 2.4” diam, 2” high – close-pack weight with some fantastic canes of great detail and fine quality – lovely mottled swirl of colours cone down to a polished flat base with small, clear window that shows the inside of paperweight.
Number 2

3) 3” diam, 2” high – base exactly the same as number one. Same use of aventurine to base with the translucent blue hardly seen because of the close-pack ‘five sided’ coloured stones each containing multi coloured flowers with white petals, evenly spaced are miniature roses in exactly the same configuration as the central rose in number one, again this weight has wide casing, as with number one, to allow the aventurine to sparkle.
Number 3

I have some ideas but any help on attribution will be most helpful

Adam P

All three are Fratelli Toso. I think number two is a different age than the other two but I don't now which is older. My guess is that 1 and 2 are an older style. You can see the same cane in 3 that is the center cane in 1.

There is a new company in Murano calling themselves 'Millefiori Factory'.  Some of the canes in no.s 1 and 3 are very similar to those they are using.  You can see examples and information about them on Jackie Lindsay's site, here: 

I think no. 2 is older.  I have a similar one, with many of the canes which are in yours. 


Just 'larned' some new info. I saw a couple weights with canes like number two bearing Oggetti labels.

Hi, Oggetti, as in the label Oggetti D'Arte simply means "Objects" in Italian.
There is one weight on eBay now, item 250158242997, with a label.

My guess is that the label belongs to the reseller/gallery.


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