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New to forum .. question about Beatty rib pattern

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Hello, I am new to this forum and to glass collecting.  I began buying a few pieces of depression glass but became hooked on the opalescent glass when I found a piece of Beatty rib in a tiny blue bowl at a local antique shop.  I recently found out that this pattern is being reproduced.  How can one tell if their piece is a reproduction and who is reproducing this pattern today if anyone knows?

I'm not all-knowing, but I haven't heard of it being reproduced. Are you sure of your source?

There is a Davidson pattern called Helen Louise that is often confused with Beatty Rib. I once had a piece and thought it was either a rare unlisted piece of Beatty Rib or a reproduction. I was very wrong.


The only Beatty reproduction that I know about is their "Honeycomb" pattern, which has been done by Fenton and called "Waffle\Block"  

Every once in awhile I see it listed on ebay as " Beatty Rib", by a pattern confused seller.


Thanks for your reply.  I'm not certain it is being reproduced but saw through one of my searches on a site at
a list of patterns with their year of production.  It listed the Beatty rib pattern as being produced by A. J. Beatty and Sons in 1888 and it clearly said "yes" in the column titled currently being reproduced.  I may be misintrepting this information or the site could be mistaken.

Hi again,

Maybe someone has reproduced it, but it's hard to say without knowing who reproduced it.

Internet sites that make statements with no added info to back up their statements up are a dime a dozen. In my own opinion;  a responsible person would have added a column with the names of the reproducers as well.

Also;  that page doesn't even include its authors name, is there a home page that leads to the link you posted?



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