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New to forum .. question about Beatty rib pattern

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I back-tracked that link and found it to be someone who is selling a home-made CD. They don't even say who they are and for all anyone knows they could have just scanned and copied a lot of information out of other people's books and burned it to a CD.

I'm not saying this is a scam or not, just that it's not very professionally done and might be something to steer clear of just in case.


Wow you guys are great! :D  I so appreciate your expertise.  Not only am I new to glass collecting but my computer skills are minimal at best.  I feel much better after reading your helpful comments.  Thanks Mike!

I was looking at that "attribution" list a few weeks ago. It's full of mistakes and misinformation. IMHO.

RH.1 and All,

The Web Site you are looking at is "Classical Glass", the Victorian Opalescent Glass Price Gude, by Bill Banks.  He is one of the most knowledgeable authorities in the field.  The full Web Site is available by subscription only and, if I may say so, well worth the price of $19.95.  Not sure of all the "mistakes and misinformation" you cite.  I will admit it is a bit limited on the listings and info for the English glasshouses, but as to the American ones, it is mostly complete and very accurate.  The Guide was, and I believe still is, published in book form which I purchased for many years.  The CD is nice but, obviously, without updates which is included in the on-line subscription.  I think you may want to look at the entire Web Site, not just the "attribution list" before passing too critical of a judgement.  My opinions only, of course, but the Guide has been invaluable to me over the years.

Hi popsmcchicken,

Thanks for the information.

It sure would have been nice if Mr. Bill Banks had put his name somewhere on those pages, as well as links to take one to the main page, so that we would be able to know if the site was legitimate and not just some unknown wanna-be pseudo-expert, attempting to rake up a few bucks with a home made CD. I have posted the links elsewhere, asking others about it and everyone agrees that the site appears to be fraudulent.

JMOho;  Surely one who could organize and publish a book, could also put together a more professional looking and easy to use website, especially if they have something useful to sell.



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