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Clear, iridised, moulded bowl - Lancaster ? Imperial ?

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21cm wide by 8cm high

See Tony, I remembered that Carnival glass is not always coloured glass but one swallow does not make a summer and my researching has drawn a blank so far. So please Glen, would you, or someone, kindly tell me that this is not Carnival glass. That would help enormously.
This came from one of the most socio-economically depressed towns in NZ.
If glass hunting in NZ, go to the junk shops as well as the antique places because they all have great glass to find.
Thanks, Ruth


I believe your bowl is by Lancaster Glass, but others made very similar items.

The Lancaster Glass Company produced pressed glass from 1908 to 1924 before they were purchased by the Hocking Glass Company. However, Lancaster continued to operate under their original name until 1937. In the 1920s and early 1930s, they produced iridescent ware, mainly marigold items.

If your bowl is Lancaster, then the pattern is "optic ray" and it was made in a mold which Lancaster used earlier to make Stretch Glass bowls in. It is not from the original Carnival Glass era, so I would just call it "marigold  iridescent".


Thank you very much Ray, I am not familar with that maker and will learn about them.

The base of your bowl looks more like Imperial Glass than Lancaster to me.

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