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Dansk Designs Ltd. - candleholders?

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I picked up a pair of these today for no other reason than they are stamped on the base, but the stamp on each is different!

I understand them to be designed by Jens Harald Quistgaard and I've seen them described as hyacinth vases here: which given the shallowness of the area below the pinch, seems highly unlikely to me!

Size is 65mm (2") tall and 73mm (2") diameter at the top, the hole is a two finger size. The back stamps are shown below for interest: can anyone tell me if these can be dated from the backstamp style?

flying free:
Anne as far as I know they are candleholders.  I have a pair as well.  I really like the design of them, and they are very functional and sturdy as candleholders.

There are several similar designs under the Dansk brand, some made in Denmark and some made in Finland which would explain the different bottom text.  Colours include dark green and dark brown.  And as you already guessed there is no way you can grow a hyacinth in there.


They were advertised in the Pottery Gazette of September 1966 (with a candle on them).
That should give you some indication of how old they are and defenitely what they are.


M I agree re sturdy - things not being able to be tipped over are very important for this household! And they fit very well with my assortment of small candleholders and will look pretty for Christmas, being green. :)

Ivo, thank you for explaining the bottom text differences. (It'd have to be a genetically modified hyacinth with very short roots! . >:D)

Patricia, thank you too, that's very useful to know on both counts. I'm guessing they would take a tall traditional candle or a short pillar one, or one of those smaller round ball ones.... or even one of the super-sized tealight ones that don't fit any of the tealight holders I have already!  :rah:


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