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Riihimaki vase?

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I bought this blue vase thinking that it may be a Tamara Aladin design but cannot trace one in this pattern at this height (28 cms). The nearest I found was a pattern 1379 but that appears to be only 25cms. Any thoughts will be much appreciated. Thanks JOHN

Riihimäki is a correct attribution.

Thanks Ivo, I was just worried about height and also it was unsigned, John

Interesting enough - I have noticed the export models from Riihimäki that time where usually produced in either heights 16/18/22/28 cm or 20/25/30 cm but this model - which by the way has not been officially attributed to Tamara Aladin although often sold as one - seems to have been produced in both series of heights.

Riihimäki is rarely signed, very occasionally it may have an acid etched mark of a Lynx on the base. Of around forty or fifty bits I have bought over the years only one was signed (this one) and a small vase had the acid etched mark.



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