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WANTED: "Eveglass" bowl

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"Eveglass" straight sided round bowl basically a clear glass cylinder about 7-1/2" dia by 4" high made by James A Jobling /Corning Ltd. (Manufacturers of Pyrex in England) in late 1970s or early 1980s. Note this is not an item of heat resistant oven ware like Pyrex but thin glass serving bowl for salads, desserts, etc.

Just broke ours and need to replace it or I am dead meat...


Oh dear, you might struggle to find a replacement Ken, as they've not been made for some time I think. It may help to search for Corning Eve Glass - I'm guessing it's the bowl shown on the back of my box of Eve Glass water candles in the 2nd pic here:,25610.0.html that you're seeking?

Ken how about contacting
This business has heaps of stuff. Good luck any way. Carol

Just noticed this on ebay

Thanks for all the replies. Will let you know if I have any luck...Ken.


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