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cork glass co compote info......& ruby gold vase[pics]


unfortunately i cant put my picks on as my com is a pain,any info on the ruby gold vase with real tiny gold nuggets,its 21cm tall with a base knop on a conical foot,the cork glass compote[wonky compy]has all the characteristics of that factory worn lozenge 1783 .any info ie,rarity ,value,buyers.also heppel fish jug lozenge on base 1853,,,,2 excellent enameled beakers ,flowers ,leaves,a ladybird,pontil marks .....& a what i thought was the whitefriars 1930s 7in ribbed bowl pat no 2684,identical but 5in,don't think they did 5in,but did a 9in & 7in,,ty,,,plus much more ,,pulling mi hair out cos com is a pain,will keep all glass in mint con


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