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Murano Clown? - ID = Chinese


Simply attributed as vintage Murano clown, but I do not know enough to not be fooled. Hopefully, someone here recognizes this piece( have not seen any with legs like this )and can help me out. . Stands a shade under 9 inches.
thnx for looking.

Whilst I'm sure the owner of this clown probably found out about his clown ages ago, I thought for others that are perhaps researching similar clowns i'd post a reply.

Unfortunately the clown isn't vintage murano but of Chinese origin.  They sell on ebay for around £5 to £10.


Chinese Clowns are flooding the market however, there are some Chinese glass blowers who actually trained in Venice such as Master Ou.  They produce pieces of very high technical difficulty but this is definitely Chinese and mass produced by a production line.  The features are very wonky, the body is slightly kiltered to the right as you look at it and the overall quality is just nowhere near that of Murano



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