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Opalescent vase with stripes, Stourbridge?

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I think this could be Richardsons or Webb? Or perhaps American or French? :)

3.5 inches high.

Red glass applied around the rim.

Rough pontil mark and plenty of ware to the base.

It has a nice orange glow when held up to the light.
Thinking back to previous posts, I think this is called a "fire".

It looks similar to glass found at Great Glass

I've bought a UV light and I'm expecting it to come within a few days now.

I did wonder because it has a pale green colour when held up to the light. I wasn't sure if that was normal for opalescent glass as I have not owned it before. :)


Don't know who made it but I would say not uranium. You can prove me wrong when your UV light arrives, as mine doesn't work in cyberspace. :D

My UV light has just arrived and the vase doesn't glow green.  :(

David E:
There is a thread in the Murano section where the colour of a milky glass will appear amber-ish when viewed against daylight.

Kev came up with the definitive answer: it's arsenic, so don't lick the glass* :lol:,3937.0.html

I seem to remember that the white pearline in Davidson (et al) glass was also caused by arsenic being included.

Hopefully this will help progress your findings :P

* Only joking, it is quite safe. :D

Thanks, I wonder if it's French. I originally thought it was a Pantin as it looked a bit like a glass salt I once had. When I compared them together though they look very much different to each other, so failed there. Anyway, I don't think it's that as they only seem to use pinky kind of colours.

--- Quote from: "DenCill" ---Kev came up with the definitive answer: it's arsenic, so don't lick the glass*   :lol:
--- End quote ---

I'm very glad you told me that as I probably would have turned orange. Hmmmm.  :lol:


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