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Opalescent vase with stripes, Stourbridge?

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It has the look of a Stumpf, Touvier and Violette salt I have.


--- Quote from: "chopin-liszt" ---:D:D:D

In what way does it look like your salt?
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Ah, here's another one, number 6035

Could it be Pantin?


I think Pantin and Stumpf, Touvier and Violette are sort of the same.
So we were on the same track, really. My salt is like Nos. 6035 + 6034 on the above page. (in "others").

It looks nothing like a burger. :shock:

Out of the top of my head, my salt was made by Monot Stumpf. After that I think they changed it to Stumpf, Touvier and Violette and then to Pantin. Then it changed it's name to Mont Joy. Legras fits in there somewhere.  :lol:

I've been googling around but I can only find pink/gold glass and cameo vases.

I'm probably barking up the wrong tree.


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