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Copper Aventurine rocks ! ID = Murano

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Mod: This thread originally had a title which included, "... looks like scenery from an old Star Trek episode!" The thread began to be assimillated with trekkie references and (psuedo-)Klingon comments. It is now back to basics and the Klingon etc. has been beamed over to the Cafe.

I thought this might possibly be Scottish . No makers marks to base. Thanks for looking . Ta Mike.

It's from Murano, I am not 100% sure of maker but I think it was made by Ferro & Lazarini.

WoW !!

That is great news ! This is the first landscape Murano I have been aware of (which doesn't say much! ) ! Were these being produced in the 1970's  do you think, or is it later ? Many thanks Alex you are a star !! Cheers, Mike.

These look very 70'ies and that would be my guess too, or early 80'ies.

I have a similar one, I really like these as they are very clean and crisp :)

I think the aventurine looks really good sitting there as a glittering rock.

Thanks Alex,

I totally agree and thanks for putting a date on it ....The photos I took don't really show how glittery the rocks are ..they look dull in the photos, just copper rocks ! In reality they really do shine ! :sun:

The weight is very well made too , .... Ta, Mike  :t: 


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