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Aventurine and green weight - ID = Teign Valley Glass

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I thought perhaps Murano when I first saw this, but the base in not ground; it has a sort of fire polished indent. Then I wondered whether it is Strathearn. Now I don't know. Any thoughts please.


No clue here --- but still *just* trying to help if I can         (lord knows if that is possible ??   :24: )

Might it be similar to this one  ** Here     at all ????  or even this one   **HERE   

Just throwing out suggestions (to try to help) ????????????

I have one just like it! See photo below. It is 3 3/16 inch (81 mm) diameter and 2 7/8 inch (71 mm) high. The base is also fire polished and indented. Mine has some "tooling ridges" around the body near the base, partly shown in the image by the dark shadow line.

I think it was from eBay and was sold by a lady who said that her mother had visited a glassworks in north London sometime in the 1970s. Apparently, on asking if they made paperweights, the person at the counter brought out the weight and sold it to her! Name of the company ... Nazeing.

Can't recall right now when I got it but it was certainly after the Nazeing exhibition of 2003 otherwise I would have offered it for consideration of inclusion along with an older weight I have that was included.

I have not followed up on the information but I think the design ties in quite well with the "bubbles and swirly things" motif on a weight illustrated (but not very well) in the b&w image of a 1950s catalogue page from Nazeing. I first saw that page in a copy of the Monart & Vasart Collectors Club newlsetter and it was also later reproduced in the book by Geoff Timberlake produced for the "celebration of Nazeing Glass Works 1928-2003".

Now these weights have been aired in the Board, I would be pleased to learn of any other views on the Nazeing attribution, pro or con.

Oh interesting thought Kev, thank you.


Just to throw a spanner in the works, this may be completely irrelevant, but the texture of the gorgeous green colours looks very, very, very Perthshire.


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