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Aventurine and green weight - ID = Teign Valley Glass

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No signature on the pink one either, but it was definitely made in the same place. We might have to wait till Michelle recovers from Cambridge for her pix  ;D

Hi Kevin
great to meet you on Sunday, you friend came over and had a chat about the perthshire weight  ;D
as promised here are some pics of the base of that T.V.G paperweight. Hopefully they are OK, had to talc the base to get the lettering to stand out enough. The photo of the whole weight was taken a while ago.
I will get the photo tent out later and get some better pic in there, if you wanted to use the pictures for anything
I give permission for you to use them in anyway you want

Mod: Michelle's pics now added to Glass Gallery images under the KevH album

Excellent, Michelle, thanks.:hiclp:

The signature ties in well with that on a small T.V.G vase I have.

I will merge this thread with the main one about these weights. I will also take a copy of your pics and put them in the Glass Gallery (and update your links to point to them) so we can retain them with the original discussion as proof of ID and for future reference.


I had a blue version of this design some time ago, which had a Teign Valley label on the base - I was never sure whether the label belonged to the weight, but it seems that it did!


I know I'm a bit late joining in, but here is a blue TVG paperweight in the same design we purchased last (Australian) summer from an 'antiques' shop in Ballina, NSW. In my haste, I thought it said TAG, the signature of Tricia Allen Glass - an artist from near Melbourne who died far too young a couple of years ago. It took some time to realise my mistake and figure out what it really said. I'm pleased to see the green and pink ones here.



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