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Aventurine and green weight - ID = Teign Valley Glass

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More spanners, people  ;D
I found this today - a Teign Valley Glass pw, on Ron's site.

I saw that too, but I think their stuff is usually signed T.V.G. (PS That price is what one might call ambitious!)

That T.V.G. item was also linked to by Rose earlier.

I agree that TVG items are usually signed but on some it is hard to find the tiny "T.V.G" mark. But I can confirm that my weight has no signature anywhere.

It is difficult to be sure, but, even allowing for the effects of digital imaging and stated size (2.25 inch diameter) of the TVG item, I think its green is more "chunky" than in these other weights. Another point is that although they each show green and white as the actual colouring of the ground, mine and Christine's weights are much more like "jasper" than separate green and white elements, which is how I see the TVG piece.

But ... ?

I agree. I've looked at my TVG pear and that is blue blobs and green blobs. This is mixed green and white frit and a much finer lacy effect. The more I look at it the more I love it.

flying free:
I can't add anything to id this but just to say that I keep seeing that Teign Valley glass is signed, but I have bought pieces from them that definitely were not signed.  In one case I bought two of the same thing in different colours and one piece was signed and the other not.   I had a choice of pieces and quite a few of those I looked at were not signed.


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