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Author Topic: Royal Krona and Mats Jonasson  (Read 7512 times)

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Offline catshome

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Royal Krona and Mats Jonasson
« on: February 05, 2007, 05:24:05 PM »

I've looked through both Leslie Pina books to find the link between Mats Jonasson and Royal Krona Sweden, but haven't been able to find anything definitive.

I saw a piece today (one of the crystal animal clear/frosted pieces), with a Royal Krona Sweden label and etched on the bottom with RK a number and Mats Jonasson's name.

Would there be somebody here who could say when it was likely to have been made and whether those pieces are rarer than the the ones I've found on ebay with the Maleras, and signature collection labels?


Offline Della

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Re: Royal Krona and Mats Jonasson
« Reply #1 on: February 05, 2007, 06:00:32 PM »
Royal Krona was actually a group of 5 Swedish glasshouses, Maleras included. The piece would have been made before 1977, as that is when they ceased to be.

Information courtesy of Ivo's little book: Glass Fact File A-Z
If I know, I'll comment. If I think I know, I'll have a go. If I have no idea, I'll just keep quiet and learn from others, so the next time I'll know.

Offline Windy

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Re: Royal Krona and Mats Jonasson
« Reply #2 on: June 29, 2009, 08:02:02 AM »
Hi Cat,
I found your question when I Googled up Royal Krona so my reply may be of little use to you, given that your question dates back well more than a year.
I have a Mats Jonasson piece, Walruses (Walrusi? What is the  correct plural?) and I sent off a note to Mats Jonasson (<>). Here is my question to them and their reply. I hope it helps you.
And, of course, I'd like to know all I can about this piece. If anyone knows more, I'd appreciate hearing it. Thanks.
(note, I edited my q down to just the basics, their reply is complete.)

I have a relatively large piece (10 1/4" x 6 1/4") by Mats Jonasson.
> It shows 2 walruses.  On the bottom it reads RK.3155.M.Jonasson.

Thanks for your email. The product you have was designed by Mats Jonasson when he worked as a designer for another glassworks called Royal Krona (RK) between 1974 and 1978. Therefore, we don't have details re. this product as it has never been part of our collection so unfortunately the only info I can give you is that it is designed by Mats Jonasson some time during 1974 and 1978.
Best regards,
(OK, I did edit out the responder's name)
Mats Jonasson Målerås Sweden

Offline a40ty

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Re: Royal Krona and Mats Jonasson
« Reply #3 on: June 30, 2009, 05:25:56 AM »
Hi Cat,
here's a little more ( adapted from "Crystal and Freedom" by Hans-Olof Lundmark)
Mats Jonasson left Målerås in 1969 to work for Kosta. In 1975 he returned to Målerås, which had been under the management of Gullaskruf and Älghult (the Flygfors group, including Målerås had gone bankrupt in the late 60's). Målerås was now in the Royal Krona group which was a fusion of the following:Gullaskruv, Åseda,Skruv,Björkshult and Målerås.
The 5 companies combined were competitive and innovative and seemed to pose a threat to Kosta Boda and Orrefors. Unfortunately their products were too expensive and to cut costs, Royal Krona announced that Björkshult and Målerås were superfluous
Björkshult production continued only for a short while and in Målerås, only one workshop for manual production was left. The company produced doorknobs and moulded glass angels (!)
Royal Krona went bankrupt on 26th April, 1977 with a rumoured deficit of 17 million kroner.

Mats Jonasson had been appointed as designer in the Royal Krona group and had been quietly experimenting at Målerås.. small moulded glass reliefs of animals. These had proved to be popular under the Royal Krona years and in the time following the bankruptcy Mats Jonasson managed to make sure that the blocks could only be produced at Målerås, thus helping to ensure the survival of the company.

This has cooked a long story down to a very short one.. hope you found it interesting.

Offline rudy ramirez

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Re: Royal Krona and Mats Jonasson
« Reply #4 on: February 18, 2011, 09:08:55 PM »
while on the subject of mats j.....i found a koala bear on a tree glass at a secondhand store for $1.91 and i think it sell for around 400.00 us. This is the third mats i found that is his because they are all signed. So u never know, people get rid of things without knowing the value!...oh well my treasure find :)

Offline Cathy B

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Re: Royal Krona and Mats Jonasson
« Reply #5 on: February 19, 2011, 04:34:01 AM »
Hi Rudy and welcome to the board.

What sort of Mats Jonasson koala bear on a tree did you find? The clear versions, or is it from a more recent series?

If it's just the clear version, I think the price you've assumed you'll get is probably a bit optimistic...

Offline rudy ramirez

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Re: Royal Krona and Mats Jonasson
« Reply #6 on: February 19, 2011, 04:48:50 PM »
cathy.....the koala i have is on a tree limb clear with the rough side. It is almost like the mother with the baby on her back, but its just her. It is 5 1/4x5x1 1/4 inchs. 5 1/4 in height.5 width 1 1/4 thick. The baby version is at 600 us retail and i see it at 480.00 us now. It is a guide line for mine at 300 to 400 us. The bottem has his signature and the numbers 3398. I assume it was done in 1998? I bought it at a Goodwill store in Kennesaw, Georgia usa.I was looking at the usual glass section for glass vases and paperweights and other glass i see of interest to me. But i didnt see anything right away so as i started to leave, i said to myself,i need to check one more time. I saw the piece laying on its side on top of a bowl and i thought it was an ashtray but when i picked it up i knew it was a mats right away! it was marked $1.91 cents us. It is the 3rd one i have found this way. I paid $17.00 for one of his flower one that is tall at an antique shop,and even they didnt know what they had since his signature is hard to read and dont know his history or that it is a swedish piece. I had a smile from ear to ear yesterday :)


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