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Sowerby Jade?

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Hello again, just spotted this on ebay:

Looks to be a Sowerby Salad bowl, though I have never seen a Jade example before and wasn't aware that Sowerby made any Jadeite glass in this period (please correct me if I am wrong!)

I have a copy of a 1933 advert showing this pattern which just lists the usual Sowerby colours, i.e. Flint, Amber, Rosalin & Powder Blue.

I was wondering if anyone knows if this is a genuine Sowerby piece or a copy by another firm. If it is Sowerby, does anybody know whether jade was a production colour of if this is likely to be an experimental piece from a trial of jade which was never put into production?

Thanks for your time


I had a bowl that was in the advert but the colour wasn't there so I presumed that the advert didn't include all the colours or my bowl was produced ealier on. I only have the adverts for 1927+.

This looks more like Davidson jade from its milkiness. The style looks like Sowerby though.

Edited to remove totally wrong line of thought!!!

It certainly looks like Sowerby 2505, but that colour wasn't made (for any purpose) in my time or the couple of decades before.  However, in the 1960s there were people there who were more than capable of experimenting with colours and that could well be where this came from.

Adam D.

Absolutely fascinating.

Thanks, Adam, for the insight.

Thanks, Steven, for showing us it.



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