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Bohemian red – pink iridescent vase

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Bohemian red – pink iridescent vase. Less probable: not Bohemian. Height: 42 inches, including gilded mounting with silver plated  and gilded daises. Three prunts. Polished pontil, no signature. Loetz excluded. Possibly high – end Kralik but not documented. The lack of signature is not relevant – most of Bohemian glass sold within Austria – Hungary Empire was not signed.
Any suggestions regarding the maker ?  

Very interesting,collect Kralik myself,amongst many others,if Craig is around he might know,I'll have to do some research on this,great piece :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

I know Craig – we could not tell for sure. I thought this forum with so many members could help. I just hoped somebody had seen a similar piece.
Another possibility: Glasbafrik Elisabeth (PGM).The same shape, the same prunt but not in the same vase, no mounting.

Can I just double check that height... 42 inches? Or did you mean 42 cm? 42" would be one heck of a vase!

Sorry, my mistake - 44 cm !


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