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Bohemian red – pink iridescent vase

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flying free:
On page 175 of Das Bohmische Glas1700-1950 Band iv in the section for Glasfabrik Elisabeth there is a plate with three vases on.  The right hand one appears to be in this deep pink red iridescent finish and appears to have the same applied dark purple iridescence on it in the form of rigaree ending in prunts with the same or very similar little tooling mark.  In addition, the rose bowl next to it has prunts on it in the same purple iridescence which look very like my prunts but they don't have the tool twist in the middle. 
I think these vases are Glasfabrik Elisabeth, Kosten bei Teplitz.  The one is the book is dated 1900-1910.

flying free:
ok, I have finally refound the collectors weekly post (and put the link on here now) and I can see that this information has already been mooted and queried - I'd not been able to find the link and when I saw them in the book just merrily added information already mentioned on the Collectors Weekly thread.

flying free:
Just in case anyone is reading this thread I have a question please?
is the query about whether it is Glasfabrik Elisabeth or Kralik, over the identification in Das Bohmische Glas IV being incorrect for the vase on page 175? or is it that Kralik may have made a very similar item?
thank you

flying free:
this vase has been identified as Kralik by the poster.
The iridescence and the way it is applied and the colour is very reminiscent of my vase.
The finish isn't the same, the piece in the CW post has a cut and polished rim and a mold blown base, whereas mine has a neat and polished pontil mark and a fire polished rim.

Can anyone confirm the CW vase is definitely Kralik please? 

flying free:
I know I'm talking to myself here but I'm still wondering about my vase :)

I came across this identification in Pressglas-korrespondent for a vase id'd as Glasfabrik Elisabeth, Kosten bei Teplitz .

I know it's not the same vase but it really reminds me of my vase in terms of shape so I'm posting it anyway.



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