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Bohemian red – pink iridescent vase

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flying free:
I know you said Loetz was excluded, but I came across this (you've probably already seen it so apologies in advance) but this is listed as Loetz (I've not checked if it is or not), and the prunts look remarkably similar.
You need to scroll down to the last items on this page and there is a matching pair of vases there.


Thanks for your precious time to search. Yes, the prunts are strikingly similar. The method we use for positive attribution is based on original drawings. Even Passau GM is full of misattributions (mostly Kralik attributed to Loetz). Unfortunately, only about 7000 design drawings have been discovered so far – or only 10%! Another disadvantage is the fact that Bohemian glass sold within Austria-Hungary Empire was not signed, or at best again only 10% Loetz is signed for home market. There is another mystery I will not live enough to see: the Czech government closed the Kralik archives for the next 50 years or so, God knows why. They did mess with the glass after WW II when they needed solid currency. Thanks again, cheers,

flying free:
You're welcome.  I understand about what what is needed for a positive attribution.  I just wondered whether the surface decor on the vases I linked to may be attributable to a particular factory, which may then help your search for your vase  :)

flying free:
Hi, I wondered if you had found a conclusive identification for your vase yet? 

flying free:
I saw on Collectors Weekly that this is possibly id'd as Glasfabrik Elisabeth - Pallme Koenig.
I have a vase now that is the same colour, same prunts as yours (just waiting for camera to charge to put a picture on) and appears to have the same pulled rim as this vase here (see link) which is id'd as Glasfabrik Elisabeth, Kosten by Teplitz
If so, then is this a definite identification?
Just trying to understand the Elisabethhutte/Glasfabrik Elisabeth/Pallme Koenig factories, it seems from Truitt's page 103 Bohemian Glass 1880-1940, that between 1888 and 1907 the manufucturer would be known as Elisabethhutte (Kosten near Teplice), then after it merged with Pallme Koenig in 1907 it became known as Glasfabrik Elisabeth, Pallme Koenig & Habel.  I hope I understood that correctly?
If so, I wonder which era the link was referring to in terms of dating the vase as it appears to have mixed both names? confused  :-\

My vase is 8 3/8" (21.5cm) tall with polished pontil mark.  The prunts are quite beautiful, done in layers of opalescent and amethyst glass I think, then iridised along with the vase.


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