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Hello everyone,
I am a new member to this forum. I was born and raised in Perth, Scotland until 1965, when I left to go to Canada, in my 20th year. More importantly, my parents worked on the Shore Road, Perth in the 50's, 60's and came to know the Ysarts quite well, and of course the work that they were engaged in at the Vasart factory. Consquently, my mother became quite infatuated by the glassware and paperweights, and purchased much over the years. When I was growing our home was literally filled with Vasart lamps, bowls, paperweghts etc. Unfortunately my mother was quite generous, and if a relative or visitor to our home admired a particulr piece, you could almost be assured that they left with that piece, or they were taken to the Vasart factory to purchase items for presents etc. On many occasions, whle at the factory purchasing presents, etc. if my mother stopped to admire a particular vase or paperweight Vince would often say just take it.  I have several vases etc and two signed PY paperweights that I purchased in Perth.

:shock:  You can't possibly think you're getting away with posting that and not showing us pics!  :roll:  :wink:

Please do post or email for me to put up using email button at bottom of this message.

And... any other recollections would be a delight :D

Douguna's weights.

:shock: Very nice!  :D  Thanks for posting them here, Frank.  I'm green with envy!  


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